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What Is Wrong with My Garage Door Opener?

Do you keep clicking your garage door opener and find nothing is happening? Maybe it opens or closes partially, but never all the way? These can be frustrating issues, and you likely need someone to help with your garage door opener repair. Various potential problems may have occurred to cause your garage door opener to malfunction. Below are some of the most common issues that we encounter.

Batteries Are Dead

This is a common problem that simply causes the garage door opener to stop working. This is an easy fix to complete yourself. If you notice that your garage door opener is no longer functioning, always try replacing the batteries to see if that does the trick. 

Photo-Eye Is Out Of Alignment

There are sensors on either side of your garage that talk to each other about how the garage door goes up and down. If they are out of alignment, they will not function properly.

Track not aligned properly: Sometimes, the garage door track becomes out of alignment. This is common, and we can fix it easily. 

Something Wrong With The Transmitters

Occasionally, you might find something off with your garage door transmitters. They might become confused with your neighbor’s garage or simply be out of range of your opener.

Something blocking the door: If there is something in the way of the garage door, it will never close properly. Garage doors are designed to avoid crushing things intentionally. If they sense something in the way, they will either stop or go back up.

Springs Are Broken or Locked

Broken springs will also cause other parts to break and the garage door to fail. If someone has manually locked the door from the inside, the garage door opener will not be able to overcome this lock.

If you need help with your garage door opener repair, our team is here to help!

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