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Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Garage door repair becomes necessary for all homeowners at some point. Sometimes the repairs are minor and can be easily fixed for a conservative price. However, other times it is more worth your while to just replace the door altogether. 

Something to consider in today’s world of backorders and COVID delays you will want to consider if waiting for a replacement door is worth it or if you can repair the door instead. Below are a few items to consider when it comes to either replacing or repairing your garage door.

Type Of Damage

The type of damage matters when considering replacing or garage door repair. Minor repairs are cosmetic items that do not affect the door’s functionality whatsoever. You may even consider not having these repaired unless you can afford it. Moderate repairs are cosmetic and affect the door’s function but not in a severe manner. An example of a moderate repair would be a rusted door. A serious repair would be when the door no longer opens or closes. Depending on the reason for the serious repair, it may be time to replace it. 

The Extent Of The Damage

You will need a trained technician to evaluate the extent of the damage, but this can determine whether or not the damage can be repaired or needs to be replaced. You may want to evaluate the cost differences in a repair versus a replacement if your repair is costly.

Age Of Door

Garage doors are only meant to last so long. If your door is more than ten years old with serious damage, it might not be worth saving. The major reason is that you will likely pay a large sum of money to repair the old door just to have something else go wrong with it again soon.

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