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    C B.


    These guys were great! I purposely asked not to be emergency priority, because I was afraid that would just cost me $$$ so much extra. They still showed up within hours, and took great care of me. Did not try to upsell me any unnecessary parts, and even worked around my clutter. The service tech was in, and gone in short time, and it cost me less than I anticipated. I'll never look for anyone else in the future. I've found a keeper!
    George B.


    Recently had my single car opener replaced with the latest and greatest LiftMaster Security 2.0 garage door opener.  A week later I was still struggling with getting my 2 openers in sync with homelink, remotes and external keypad.  The owner was very helpful in educating me over the phone and offered his assistance if I still could not program the devices I was working with.  This is the second time I have used AGD and would use them again.  Thank you!
    Sunshine S.


    Used twice for repairs and very nice! Affordable and honest from what we have experienced. We will be using them to replace the garage doors in near future too.
    Suzanne S.


    We have used this service in the past with no issues, they came quickly and fixed the garage door and were super friendly. I just called and it rang and I got a message to state my name and why I was calling because the company screens for Robo calls. I thought it was a mistake so I called again and there was no answer at all. I called a third time to do the Robo screen thinking perhaps that really is the way they do business. After stating my name and why I was calling somebody answered and actually yelled at me saying they would call me back and that's why the voicemail says to leave a message. I tried to explain that there was no voicemail but he kept yelling and then hung up on me. I've never had such poor customer service in my life. I can't believe that a company we've used and recommended in the past would actually yell at me for calling. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed.
    Mally G.


    This company is the epitome of immediate gratification. I called to inquire about cost and an appointment and they were able to walk me through what to look for to diagnose the problem and gave me a straight-forward, fair price over the phone. After some research, I called them back to schedule an appointment and they had someone out to my house in under 20 minutes. The tech, Frank, was very nice and to the point, went straight to work, and replaced our broken spring in under an hour. He went above and beyond fixing the spring by also fixing some of the wiring that was off with the opener and readjusted the door so it closed flush (which I didn't even know could be fixed). The price was also fair (mid-range from my research). I would HIGHLY recommend this company for their timely response, excellent service, and fair pricing.
    Kimberly N.


    OMG I called and 54 minutes later my garage spring way fixed and paid for and they were on their way. This was the most AMAZING experience I've had on Yelp. Can't believe it. May their business prosper. Literally could not be happier.
    Keaira K.


    I found this company through the Nextdoor app, all my neighbors raved about them! I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and they were able to diagnose the problem over the phone and give me an estimate before they even came out! They're an extremely knowledgeable group of people and after calling and making an appointment they were out same day! Thank you very much for your help Mike!
    Doreen R.


    The spring broke on the door so I needed someone quick. These guys were prompt, polite and fast. Price was good too! Will always use them
    Candice W.


    Very happy with response and service. Received an appointment within 24 hours, technician (Chris) called to let me know he was 30 minutes out, and arrived within the appointment window. Chris was very friendly, and was able to identify the issue right away, and quoted a very reasonable price. No up-selling, no pressure, great customer service. I will call Affordable Garage Door and Opener Repair again.
    Margaret N.


    Prompt return phone call. Same day service. The technician , Colby was friendly and professional.  He explained what needed to be done ( new rollers) and he took his time cleaning 26 years worth of dirt out of the track and fine tuned some other problems.  Above  and beyond the typical repair/ Workman.  I'm thrilled with the result.  Worth every penny and guaranteed for a year. Strongly recommend .
    Stacey M.


    These guys were great! After calling around for some quotes we decided to go with this company, first and foremost because their ability to give a quote on the phone was straightforward and there's no "service fee" to come look at your door. They were super polite and professional and came out the same day.  They'll make sure to show you what you need, why you need it and that's it... no BS with it. We would definitely recommend them. ~ Stacey
    Brian L.


    Wow just finished having Affordable Garage Doors service my garage door.  They also gave me a great price on sunscreens.Tim our tech arrived at the promised time . He was the most respectable tech . Very responsible and qualified. Shelly gave me a great price on Sunscreens.  And she was punctual as well! I highly recommend Affordable Garage Doors!!!!!!
    Jamie K.


    Really great service. My grandmother had a large glass door that was very hard to open. She literally broke her hip trying to get it open when it got stuck while she was outside. I went out to stay with her when she got home from the hospital and I called around to get it fixed. Affordable Patio Door Repair was willing to fit us in and come out same day - which I needed ideally around plans and Dr appts while we were there. The guy who came to actually work on the door was very nice and professional. He called on his way and was right on time for the time estimate he gave to arrive. He explained everything and the options we could try to get the door sliding better. He started with the least expensive option and it helped. However, I wanted the door to be really easy to open so we opted to replace the rollers and add a cap to the track to make it roll smoothly as well. He fixed everything quickly, efficiently, and reasonably priced. Sure enough you can now open that huge door with one finger! My 4 year old could open it and my grandmother was incredibly relieved it was fixed. It cost less than I had thought it would. We then had an issue with the payment going through (zelle email mistake) so a few days later the owner called me and was very pleasant and patient on the phone while we got it corrected. Oh and they guarantee the work for a YEAR! Very happy with the job done and the company as a whole from our experience.
    Cathleen O.


    Thanks Mike Lyons for coming all the way out west to repair my garage door.  Despite having to reschedule multiple times day before Mike was on time, quickly diagnosed and fixed the issue.  Then installed my backup battery for me.  I highly recommend Mike and this business.
    Erik O.


    Colby from Affordable Garage and Door Opener Repair came out to fix our sliding glass door.  Replaced the wheels and cleaned the track.  Door works as good as new.  Didn't compare prices with other businesses, but the service was quick, efficient and the door works perfectly now.  Hats off to Colby for not only doing a great job (fixed our lock as well), but for also letting my two young sons 'help' him with the repair.
    Kevin B.


    Great service and they live up to their name, affordable! Our garage door was moaning and groaning with every open and close. Spoke with Rick and set up an appointment for the next morning to get a garage door tune-up. We half expected to be told that we needed a new door. Our door is almost 35 years old. Tim arrived at 8 am. We looked the door over together and spotted a fraying cable. Tim said that other than the cable the door was in surprisingly good condition. He did not have the correct cable length with him, so he serviced the door and said he would return that afternoon to replace the cables. He was back at 4 pm and replaced the cables, made some adjustments, done. $86. Honest, professional, courteous. We will be recommending Affordable to our neighbors and friends and using them again ourselves.
    Caree C.


    Fantastic! I called at 8:30 and was set up with a noon-2pm time for someone to come take a look.  Our door was having issues going all the way down. Tim was prompt and very professional.  He looked at the door as well as the opener. Turns out our garage door opener motor was going out. He recommended replacing the opener.  Price was reasonable so I said yes. The install was quick and when he was done he showed me how all the new features functioned.  He even programmed the in in vehicle remote in my truck! Very happy with the service and our new garage opener!
    Paul W.


    It is nice when you find a company that has your best interest in mind and it's not just looking to line their own pockets. That's how Rick and Affordable Garage Door roll.Their tech(Mike)did a great job on a few repairs to our door and probably saved us 3-4 hundred compared to what another company may have charged.If your not calling Affordable your costing yourself cash.Thank again!!
    Candace W.


    They are getting into retail parts sales. As yet, they are  not clued into comparative pricing. If you want it NOW, and don't care about pricing, a 2" vertical track is $88.00.
    Robert F.


    I was having a problem with my garage door opening properly.  It would go half way up, half way down... in all very frustrating.  I called Affordable and they sent out Mike to fix my problem.  He was very personable and professional when he arrived.  He managed to isolate the problem and get it working correctly quickly.  The total experience was great, affordable(as in name of company) and timely.  I will use them again when I have another problem or need a new opener.  Great job Mike.
    Mary N.


    Quick, great service and very reasonably priced, Affordable Garage Door is our new Garage Door repair and install company.Called them yesterday after a large boom sound in our garage when our garage door spring and cable broke.  (Affordable Garage Door had so many great reviews and recommendations from neighbors on our Nextdoor Neighbor app, thought I'd get an estimate from them.)  Great price and fast repair service! (Seriously, I see billboards advertising new garage door springs for $275 PLUS installation; Affordable lives up to their name at only $189 INCLUDING installation, plus they include a free tuneup!)And the couple who repaired our door were very skilled, friendly, and polite, too!  (It's always nice when service people are very knowledgeable and skilled, and aren't just fumbling around learning at your expense, or just there to upsell you on something you don't really need.)Affordable Garage Door is a real "keeper."
    Mary F.


    I had my garage door opened repaired by Mike on Thursday 1/31/19 Mike arrived within the proper time frame. He was courteous and kind and funny as can be. He went beyond the call of duty. He explained everything to me and not only fixed my remote that I currently had to pair with my garage door opener but the new one that came with.  I also told him that my car keys made a loud noise when I opened and closed the door he came to my aid and fixed it so it was quiet how is that for beyond the call of duty.  Rick you made good on your promise as an owner and I am forever grateful. Mike put a sticker for your company on my door and I will use no one but your service for any repairs to my garage door.  The door opener came with a lifetime guarantee and the remote for one year that is better than any other place I contacted also one place didn't even call me back till the next day but you replied asap.  Mike is a gem again he went beyond the call I gave him a water but I wish I could have coughed up a lung for him LOL.
    Mark B.


    Great experience! After moving into my house, there was no remote, and the unit was probably an original from '84 - so it was the old dip-switch setup. I called on a Wednesday afternoon and they were very flexible with my schedule and came the following Friday afternoon. Justin was polite and very knowledgeable, able to determine what would be involved just by eyeballing the setup. He quoted me an hour and a half but was done in an hour. Major props to him for driving all the way out to my place on a Friday late afternoon through rush-hour. Price quoted was exactly the price charged. No upsell attempt, although Justin was very honest about the quality of the other equipment and how I could maintain it. Thank you!
    Anne W.


    My patio door was sticking and very difficult to open - I had to put my shoulder into it.  Tried the usual cleaning and lubing the track.  My regular Handyman could not get the door off the tract to install new rollers.  He said the house settled.  I called AFFORDABLE PATIO DOOR REPAIR 602-302-4653.  COLBY came out the next day and within  1/2-hour he had the door off the track, new roller installed and now I can literally open the patio door with 1-finger!  $207 complete.  Very nice and knowledgeable local business man.  I highly recommend him.
    Annie B.


    Our garage door springs snapped and needed to be replaced quickly.  Less than two hours after calling for service, my garage door was back in service.  I have to say I found this company to be quick, dependable and definitely affordable!
    A G.


    Brandon did a great job! He was friendly, showed up on time and replaced our broken springs quickly. Our garage door is performing better than it ever has. AND the quote I was given over the phone was the actual price at the end, $141 cash for both springs including labor. Brandon told me the door and all associated parts were in great condition. I am VERY pleased with Affordable and will use their services in the future and recommend them to my friends and family.On a side note: Another company we called out first (my mistake for panicking when the door broke and not doing proper research first) quoted us $195 minimum for labor. It then went up to over $1000 after they looked at the door and supposedly all kinds of other parts that needed replaced. They were charging $250 per spring! I quickly sent that company away.
    Susan T.


    My first time visiting this  establishment, was the best experience ever, great honor and integrity from the staff. excellent customer service prompt to attention, I will be back!!!!
    Louise K.


    The spring on our garage door broke on a Sunday morning. I started looking at recommendations on my nextdoor app and luckily I found Affordable Garage Doors. They were not only the most reasonable but came out on a Sunday with no additional cost and a lifetime warranty on springs. Wow.. i would highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!! Thank you Affordable!
    LouAnne S.


    I 110% recommend Affordable Garage Door & Opener Repair.  Garage door torsion spring discovered broken Wednesday afternoon when I was leaving for work and couldn't get the garage open.  $65 in Lyft costs later, I'm home measuring to figure out what size/type spring to get so my husband can repair on Friday, his day off.  I came across this company looking for the parts and called at 8:30 pm and left a message that I would be coming in the next morning (today, 8/16) to hopefully get what we needed.  Rick immediately called me back and gave me price for parts and price to come fix with warranty, they could be there the next morning.  The price for them to fix was so reasonable, even my husband said to let them do it. Called Rick back, now after 9pm, and scheduled for next morning (today) between 10-12.  I told him our work schedules, and he said he would let tech know and would do his best to accommodate us.Tim called at 9:20am and said he would be here in 30 minutes.  He is such a pleasant person, and a dog lover!  He got to work and finished in about 30 minutes, new spring, lube and tune on GD opener.  My husband  would still be watching YouTube videos on it, and spend half his day off at least to fix it.  We could not be happier with their work, their customer service and their rates.  A++ all around.  Superior work.
    Duke F.


    Service was excellent. Very honest. Highly recommend. I had a broken spring and my garage door would not open. I called several companies. Bill's price was on the lower-end of all the quotes and he gave it to me over the phone. He came out and fixed it the same day, with a 5 year warranty. What I liked about him vs other garage companies that I talked to, is that he didn't try to up-sell me anything. And, when I called, he was the one I talked to each time, no answering services. If you need your garage fixed, give him a call and see for yourself.
    Angela L.


    I have experience professional treatment, quality work, dependable results and we are very happy with the overall service of Affordable Garage Door and Opener RepairWe have gone through a couple other companies to get the garage door fixed and the results lasted for a very short period of time, when we called Rick almost a year ago, we have not experienced any issues with the door or the remote open, it is fantastic. Thank you Affordable Garage!!
    Annelise V.


    Today I had my garage serviced by Tim. Told him that my garage was noisy and squeaky. I said all I think it needs is a tune up, and some rollers. After looking everything over he agreed and got down to work. 20 minutes later he was done. He recommended the center bearing may need to be changed out eventually because it's a little noisy, but the garage is 100 times better than what it was. I offered Tim a water and gave him payment and he was on his way! Good, fast, honest service!
    Sharon R.


    If you are looking for any type of garage door repairs, call Affordable Garage Door & Opener Repair. We are so pleased with Tim G. He was extremely polite, and knowledgeable. He not only repaired are garage door to new again, he took the time to answer all my husbands questions. We will definitely request Tim G again. Awesome work!!
    Kari A.


    The spring broke on our garage door and our cars were stuck inside. These guys were fast to respond. Very professional and courteous. Plus you can't beat the price! They saved our day! I recommend them for any of your garage door needs.
    James G.


    They should add the word honest to the company name. Honest and Affordable Garage Door Repair would probably not fit on their sign but it is a better description. I called and described my issue and was offered 3 solution options. I chose the most cost efficient and was given an initial estimate for repairs. When, Robert, the technician arrived, he looked at the issue and determined that the repair could be made even more efficiently. If you can request a specific technician Robert would be my guy. He was extremely friendly and personable, honest, and efficient. My door no longer sags and works perfectly. Thank you very much Robert, and thank you Affordable.
    Skip G.


    Tim G. is friendly and efficient... the kind of fellow that you want when you have such a problem!
    Atouraya Y.


    I had a genie, not like Aladdin had, but the garage door opener that starting smoking and stopped working. It was was old and served its purpose (RIP). I called affordable garage door because the address was close to mine and they had killer reviews. The appointment was real easy to make, this is a locally owned business and you can tell because the service is impeccable.I had them install a new opener, the tech was prompt and professional. Did an amazing job installing a new LiftMaster Belt drive opener. He did suggest I change the rollers because they are old and all metal, I decided against it.Fast forward a month or so and the squeaking from my metal rollers is ridiculous. Called affordable again and they just sent someone to my house, he was also very prompt and professional. He said that it was indeed the rollers so I'm getting them changed.The Verdict: if you want to support a locally owned/operated business that is trustworthy and professional at a great price...you'd be crazy not to work with Affordable Garage Door & Opener Service.
    Lauree G.


    I really trust Rick Lane at Affordable Garage Door. We've got an old, old garage door that occasionally acts up. Rick shows up when he says he will, adjusts it, lubes it, gives it a good once over... and cleans up any mess! I'm good to go... at a reasonable price. He's always friendly and professional, and I never hesitate to recommend him to my friends and neighbors.
    Elizabeth S.


    Definitely recommend this company for garage door and garage opener repair!!! We moved into a new house and have a nursery in the room above our garage. The noise from it opening and closing was so loud it would wake our 6 month old and we could only use the other side in the evenings and at her nap time. We called affordable garage door repair on a Friday and they were out on a Saturday. Replaced our rollers, tightened the springs, and replaced our weather stripping at the bottom. It made an amazing difference! I would say reduced the noise in the garage when using the opener 80% and in our daughter's room 50%. The only other thing thing that helped another maybe 30% was the liftmaster anti vibration kit (a piece of rubber that goes between the opener and the frame that holds it to the ceiling). Tim was great, quick and helpful! Will be recommending them to friends and family and will use again in the future. Thank you!!!
    George Y.


    What can I say, they were great.  Had an issue with a garage door opener and they were out within 1.5 hours. Their repair guy was friendly and figured out the problem quickly.  Garage door works fine now! Best part is the reasonable prices!! The guy was so good and fair that I have him tune up my other garage while he was there as I have two garages.  In and out within one hour and the doors work and no longer squeak! When I need a repair with my doors or door opener these are now my guys. Thanks for the quick and great service!
    Tammy B.


    I was under the impression that I needed a new garage door, from what another company had told me. I was calling to get quotes, as my door would not go up. I spoke with the man who answered the call and by the end of the call, I had an appointment for the next day, for a repair or replace, as he thought I might not need to replace from what I was describing. Tim and another gentleman (I wish I knew his name, to give him a shout out too) showed up early, took a look and advised me that I did not need a new door. I only needed some support struts, some minor adjustments. This was all taken care of at the same visit and they left me with a better than ever garage door.  Every one that I have encountered from this company has showed me honest and quality service. That's rare today and I'm very happy to highly recommend them to anyone with any garage door needs.
    Tara F.


    Unbelievably awesome!  The spring on our garage door broke and there was no way to manually open the door. In fact it was stuck open about two inches. We started dialing places and even though we didn't leave a message they called back in minutes. Within two hours Tim & Jeremy were here to save the day!  They were quick, efficient and got the job done at a very reasonable price. I can honestly say we've never received such great service in such a short amount of time. We'd recommend them to anyone and plan to do so. Thanks so much!!!
    Kenda V.


    Of course our garage door broke in the UP position. On a Holiday. Called Affordable and got a call back within the hour ( yes, on Labor Day). Agreed to 2pm next day (they would have come sooner, my schedule was the problem.)ROB showed up on time, cheerful, helpful and efficient. Calmed my fears about a replacement and within an hour we were repaired and restored to full service. Too bad he did such a good job we will probably never need him again!
    Ashlee L.


    Same day service, affordable pricing, I will save their number and use again! My favorite part is the transparent pricing.
    Pauli B.


    The guy was quick in coming out and replacing my screens. Fixed our opener as well. Great price. Will call again if ever needed.They actually did the repair in 2014 - just saw the review hadn't gone in.
    Gary T.


    Originally replaced door July of 2016.   Had a problem March of 2017 made a call, had a very quick response.  Garage door  was covered under warranty and was replaced at no charge.  Very happy with the service from this company!!
    Marcelle T.


    Our garage door torsion spring broke last week, could not manually open as the garage door was heavy. Called around to get price quotes from various garage door companies, even colleagues from work gave me referrals. After doing extensive research calling and reading reviews on yelp, BBB, etc... I decided to call Affordable Garage Door & Opener Repair. I was able to get appointment the next day. Service tech, Robert arrived within two-hour window time frame they provided. He replaced our broken spring with two new springs for $150 ( other companies quoted between $200-350) He replaced bearings for reasonable price. He asked if I wanted to change my plastic rollers for nylon for a quiet operation of garage door. I opted not to. He wasn't pushy at all. Work was done in less than an hour. Highly recommend this company. I'll definitely use Affordable Garage Door company again if I ever needed garage door repair or replacement. Two thumbs up!!
    Ammie P.


    Our garage door spring broke, arrived within a few hours. Excellent work and customer service. Thank you Rick!
    Robert R.


    It took a little longer than I expected apparently due to problems getting materials in, but the work is super and the people who did it did a great job and our screen door is now perfect.
    Jill C.


    A true Lifesaver. Friday night my garage door was completely broken and my car was stuck inside. I did a price check with 3 different companies first thing Saturday Morning. The gentleman I spoke with said it should be an easy fix and even gave me a price quote over the phone. All the other companies said they couldn't give me a price and would have to send someone to look at it.  I called at 9:00 am they were at my house by 10:30. (I WAS SHOCKED)  I thought I would be stuck home all day without a car. Sure enough the diagnosis was exactly what he thought it was THE SPRINGS AND BEARINGS. Tim and Jerry were extremely helpful and even did a free Lube and Tune as one of their promotions. Their work came with a lifetime warranty and I can't express enough how amazing their customer service was from the 1st phone call to when the job was done. Thank you again Tim and Jerry and of course Affordable Garage Door & Opener Repair. You guys were lifesavers!
    Stephen D.


    I'm a second time customer after having a great experience with them in November 2015 when they replaced by garage door springs.My HOA was being jerks as they cited me for having frayed weather stripping around my garage door.  I first attempted to fix it myself as I bought materials from Lowe's, talked to the Lowe's person and watched YouTube videos.  But my attempt to fix it broke my garage door opener.So I called them to come install a new garage door opener.  When the technician arrived, he told me that I don't need a new garage door opener, but I just need to replace the capacitor in my garage door opener.  Evidently, my bad attempt at installing weather stripping caused too much friction on the garage door, causing the opener to work too hard which blew the capacitor.The technician (Colton) was honest.  Instead of installing a new garage door opener for $300+, I bought a capacitor for $25 to fix the opener myself.But because I did such a bad job doing the weather stripping, the technician came back 2 days later and put in the weather stripping the right way.  He also calibrated my garage door with the weather stripping so I don't keep blowing up capacitors.Bottom line:  They're a very honest company and you can trust what they say.  And the price is fair.  (Actually the price is about half of what another garage door company quoted me over the phone.)
    Barbara B.


    We had just sold our home in Peoria, AZ and in the midst of packing and moving everything out to be taken out of state. Wouldn't you know--two days before closing the old garage door opener starts giving us fits! We desperately called around to find a company that could come quickly and repair the problem before we turned over the house. Affordable Garage Door came the very next day and replaced the opener quickly. The technician was friendly and very helpful--gave us options to replace the mother board only (which wouldn't connect to the mounted openers on the outside and inside of the house or replacing completely and leaving us with an intact system. That is what we did and we could leave our house to the buyers in good conscious.  Thanks for bailing us out in a stressful period!
    J N.


    I called Affordable Garage Door to replace two heavy duty springs on my garage door, one of which had broke. They provided a fair quote and were available the next morning to do the repair. The tech showed up within the time frame I was given and successfully completed the repair within 30 minutes. So why only two stars? That's because the technician showed a lack of regard for my property when he chose to toss one of the old, heavy spring assemblies onto my garage floor, chipping and scratching my floor's concrete coating. Incredibly, he did this as I was watching him work. I immediately told him not to do that again and to set the parts down on my garage floor instead of carelessly dropping them. He continued working, providing no reply. After he left, I called the company's office manager to tell him what had happened. He took the feedback but also offered no apology. Thankfully the chips were small and easy to repair. That said, I'll be going with a different company next time.UPDATE: I received a phone call from someone named "Rick," claiming to be the owner, after I left my two-star (now a one-star) review. The man was clearly angry and agitated and repeatedly asked me why I was trying to "ruin" his company. Instead of providing a simple apology, he accused me of lying before offering to tear up my check if I would delete my review. I refused his offer. As he became increasingly belligerent and loud, I told him I would not continue the conversation if he was going to be disrespectful toward me. Before I ended the call, he told me that he now had no choice but to respond to my review since I refused to delete it. As for the response below, there is so much blatantly false information in it, I don't know where to begin, so I won't bother. I have nothing to gain here beyond making sure that others are aware of my experience so they can make the best decision for themselves. I appreciate others who leave honest, helpful reviews here on Yelp, so I just wanted to do the same. Good luck.
    Sunny A.


    When our garage door torsion spring broke over the weekend, we knew we needed to find a good garage door repair company to help us fix it, but dreaded the potential cost. We quickly found these guys on Google, and were immediately attracted by their low advertised prices, so we knew how much we'd be spending (and their prices were far lower than we'd anticipated). I called at 8am on Monday morning, and their technician, Tim, was at my house in 45 minutes (15 minutes early for our appointment window). I was very impressed! Tim is a nice guy, who walked me through exactly what our garage door needed. The bearings on the end of our door's torsion bar also needed to be replaced, and Tim showed me the evidence of how worn they were, which I appreciated. I had him replace the bearings as well, and when all was said and done, he completed the job in under an hour. I highly recommend this company, and I will be calling on them for all of our future garage door needs. Tim also let me know that their B&M location carries parts, so if you want to DIY anything, they can help as well!
    Nicole E.


    My spring broke at 11pm on Wednesday night - of course with my vehicle in it. I called at 6:45am the next day because it said open 24/7 and got voicemail. I left a message and figured I'd hear from them with in a couple hours. I called and spoke to another company who in the mean time bad mouthed this company when I told him I was waiting to hear back from them. To me that wasn't professional for them to do that and made them look bad in my opinion. While I was wrapping up my call with them saying I would call if I didn't hear back from affordable, rick called. Rick had me on the schedule that same day from 9-11 and gave a quote which was super reasonable to replace both springs for just $141. Robert and Orlando showed up at 10am and were in and out within 45 minutes. They were both very nice, addressed all my questions and assured me of my concerns. Despite what this other company said I am happy I didn't listen to him and went with affordable. Springs look like they are good quality and larger than the ones that were on there to support the door I have. Thank you affordable for your professional quick response to free my car from my garage so I could get to work! I will definitely keep your number for future garage needs and recommend you to others.
    Clifton J.


    Had a broke spring, preventing my wife from getting kiddos from school.  I called and they arrived with about an hour and knocked it out.  Very affordable and they communicated well.  Will be saving their info for all my needs going fwd.
    David E.


    Made appointment. Showed up on time replaced broken parts ,lubed the door hinge parts replaced rollers and did what they said and affordable just like the name .great job .fast accurate .
    Roseanne H.


    Tim at Affordable Garage Door Opener Repair was great, personable, professional and knowledeable. No hidden charges. Charged for the springs and thats it didnt try to sell additional  parts. Great service, thanks. Todd and Roseanne, NW Phoenix. Jan 25, 2017
    Lynne R.


    I have a 2 year new home, Lodi originally installed the garage door. Today we went to open it and the spring was broken. We called Lodi, they wanted nearly $300. So we called around. Luckily we found Affordable! They were amazing. We called at 8:00 am, they were here at 9:00am. They did the work for the over the phone estimate. Robert was our technician, he was funny, personable, never tried to up sell. He got the work done in an hour, including replacing my wheels with high quality ones. I got all this done for less than Lodi would have charged for 1 spring. I now have a company that I will always use for garage door repair.